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About Us


The Department of Athletic Training and Health established in August 1991 is the first of its kind in the nation for development of athletic training and health promotion.  To provide physically active individuals with comprehensive health management and safety, the department develops two major programs: one is athletic training, and the other is physical fitness.

Furthermore, to cultivate excellent clinical practitioners and researchers of athletic training and health promotion and to offer opportunities for advanced studies, the graduate master program was established in the Fall of 2001. The graduate master program provides exceptional academic environment for injury prevention and health promotion.

The master program also offers two separate major areas of studies.  The athletic training major focuses on all clinical issues on sports participation while the fitness major focuses on the practical issues on health promotion and fitness instruction.

        The department develops two major programs: one is athletic training, and the other is exercise and health promotion. Curriculum structure based on "Training courses-Professional certification-Industry integration". It is hoped that students who are interested in following areas to join us: athletic training, health and fitness instruction, strength and conditioning, exercise and health promotion for the elderly, and traditional manipulation and massage.

       We emphasize on the following procedure in teaching and learning: “knowledge-practice-professional certification-implementation & academic research.”  In this department, the objectives of education program are well-defined. And, there are many opportunities for students to learn and practice to cultivate their professional ability.